No Shadow without Light

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I am not who I am;
I am what has been foretold;
I am the wisp in the wind -
My name they have chained.

The mirror breaks -
My visage rends in two.
An immortal wound -
Two halves cannot make one.

My tears freeze, and they never fall.

I lie, I spit, I deceive -
I see red blood, blue veins.
I cry for more -
I am the blind that hungers.

Keep the light
From reaching me.
Meet me with darkness -
My shadow shall know no difference.

You are the moon and I am the night.

You want to retell stories
Of the world.
Naive fool -
I will break before I bend.

The world is on fire
And I am in the midst
Of chilling winter
And numbing cold.

And yet I will linger on.

You are the victor,
The armored fury.
You are unending bravery and light,
The metal is your skin.

I am the suffocating steel,
I am the silence of emptiness.
Do not break me;
I am hollow within.

I fall apart in parts.

Will you believe me
If I say I do not bleed?
Will you cut out my heart
And steal from me my truth?

I am the lie-smith.
Myth woven in legends.
I have found my god,
And he has my eyes.

Created: Mar 19, 2012


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