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Today should be a fun day. I'm working on the movie "LA Story" With Steve Martin. I've enjoyed his movies and thin he's a really funny guy. When I arrive at set I'm told that I'll be wwatching Steve Martin and his group. Today was a good day. I meet up with the AD.


AD: Mr. MArtin this is Rj, the guard that's going to be following you and your party around for the day.


Steve Martin continues talking with his assistant and pays no attention to me. The AD walks away. I stand there ready to move when he is. Martin finally notices me.


MARTIN: Okay first thiings first. Don't look at me, don't talk to me, don't talk about me. If you need to talk to me, talk to my assistant and my assistant will pass the message to me and vice versa. If were crossing the street don't look both ways cause if I'm crossing the street then most likely the street on myside is clear to cross.


ME: You want me to watch you but I can't look at you?


Steve Martin walks away over to his assistant who he brings back to me.


MARTIN: I think my guard is broken. I told him not to talk to me and he did. Can you explain to him what I mean, and if that doesnt seem to correspond in that dome of his then maybe Production should get us a translater in Spanish to explain this in more detail.


(Okay 2 things. 1. I'm going to bitch slap this old fuck by the end of the day. 2. I just realized that hollywood isn't as glamurous as I thought it was. 3. I'm so not supporting this movie when it comes out in the movie theaters. Okay so that was 3 things)


I play his little game but by lunch I can't take anymore of his insults and little games, so they decide to switch me to crew parking. I rather be doing nothing and getting paid for than eating shit from an asshole and getting paid for it. Then again I was told the reason why they switched me out is because I didn't get the Assistant their lunch. Sorry but I'm Friggin Security not a Production Assistant!!

Created: Mar 18, 2012


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