Challenge Me!

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Alright, dudes, I'm ready to be challenged. Here's what I'm up for doing:

  1. ILLUSTRATIONS: Currently, in the real world where I try to make money, I'm trying to build up my illustration portfolio with lots of sample work. Which sounds easy, but it's really hard to just spontaneously come up with ideas for what to make next. So since it's a good approximation of what I'll eventually be trying to do anyway, leave me prompts of what you want to see me illustrate! The more specific you are, the easier it is for me to give you what you want, and the more likely I'll be able to produce it.

  2. PROCESS VIDEOS: Curious about how I do anything? Want to know how I make something? Want to know tricks to something I do that you like? Ask me! I will do my best to explain.

  3. READINGS: I'm not the best narrator, but if there's something you'd like me to read, I'm up for it. Especially if it's something I've written.

Created: Mar 18, 2012


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