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My name is Dee, and I'm incapable of lying.

The reason why I'm incapable of lying is not that I want to be a good friend, or I want to be a good person, or I want you to tell me everything about you and I'll be honest when I say that jacket doesn't really fit you. I tell people I'm incapable of lying and their reaction tends to be "Oh, that's so quirky and cute I'm going to tell her what I think of this other person and she'll do the same". I'm not interested in knowing what you think of another person, especially if it's a negative opinion.

The reason why I'm incapable of lying is that I have to be very careful with the words I use when I speak. I'm terrible at metaphors, I have horrible diction and, in general, I love words so much I like using them properly.

So, really, it's not that I can't lie. I could tell you that jacket doesn't fit you with those words and be honest, but you'll probably think it's rude. That's up to you. I am honest because that's me. I don't think I'd be a better friend by telling you that jacket does fit you, and letting you walk out of your house looking ridiculous, while everyone else is going to think "that jacket looks ridiculous on you" and probably laugh at you. I wouldn't let people laugh at you, so to avoid that, I'd just tell you right away. If it does, however, fit you, then the compliments you'll get will be the best ones I can think of.

Also, keep in mind I went to art school. I will know whether or not the jacket fits you, and I will tell you whether or not it does.

It does, by the way, you look like a really cool aviator, even though you don't know how to fly a plane, and you might never do anyway, unless, of course, you wanted to.

Although, it's up to you if you wanna buy that jacket. You could go over my comment and completely ignore my presence. I'll hate you for it for a while, but then I'll think you've got your reasons to go over my comment and completely ignore my presence. If you do, though, be advised, I'll hate you even more for a while longer for making me waste my time. If you didn't want to know what I think, then don't ask me. If you didn't want me around, then don't ask me to come with you.

So, you see. It wouldn't be lying, it would be covering up the truth with other words. Or it would be just shutting up, because I wouldn't use words improperly.

Created: Mar 18, 2012


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