sleep alone

By aurora188

Got a heavy head
His momma cried
Got his hands from his daddy
On a stormy night
He talks to God
When insomnia strikes
And a tongue from the devil
When the mood hits him right

Where’s she gone, he promised
He’ll be alright
Hold it in to rattle
Let your eyes get tight
Love alone won’t let you
Out of his sight
And so he sleeps alone for the 48th night

Got a heavy heart
His baby cries
Like oil on water when
He kisses her goodnight
She prays to God
When he holds her tight
Checkin’ under her bed for the
Devil every night

Where’s he gone, she promised
She’ll be alright
Lock the doors and rattle
Around inside
Love alone won’t let you
Out of his sight
And so she sleeps alone for the 49th night

Take her down take it back
Sit her down upon the track
Love alone won’t let you out of his mind
And so they sleep alone for the 50th night

sleep alone

Created: Apr 06, 2010


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