Good Omens

By amysz

I am burning my
dead flowers and love poems,
melting down my gold for cash
and buying you a birthday present.

“Happy Birthday, darling.
We love you very, very, very,
very much.”

My childhood quilt is coming
apart but I am not sad.

I shrug and the walls of
this old house shake.

We can fix it,
you say.

Let’s buy a new one

How lovely,
how very lovely
that I saved those roses
for three years.

But I don’t like
to wear a yellow wedding
dress and live in an attic

like poor Miss Havisham
or the madwoman in
Jane Eyre

No, I prefer
a living room

and a new coffee pot.

Do you know,
I don’t even know
how you like your eggs?

I remember you like
a croq monsieur
at brunch at Pastis
but how do you like your eggs
on a Sunday morning at home?

You see, there is still
something new to talk about

Something to discover

Take heart, dear,
there are good omens

Good Omens

Created: Apr 05, 2010


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