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I sat there with my morning coffee. Thinking about life, sure I pondered from time to time, as everyone does. But this time was different, I thought with such realism and emotion. I realized my coffee was cold and that I'm late for work. I scrambled to put everything on, I entered my Lightcar. Lifted off, and went to my office in the sky, on my way I noticed down way below the billowing clouds, the earth, a land once forgotten. I had heard tales of the earth, vast, beautiful, and dangerous. After the disaster, the few humans who survived rose to the air with a few prototypes and started what I liked to call "The Jetson Dream". I arrived at my workplace, trying to slip in unnoticed. My boss found me "What the hell are you doing!?!" He exclaimed. I replied softly "I uh, I uh." The boss replied firmly "You what!" I replied "Nothing" My boss became slightly relaxed and said softly "Nothing, what?" "Nothing, sir" I said with anger. My boss swiftly turned and walked away very arrogantly, knowing he had won the argument. I collected myself and sat down at my desk. The whole day I had the same lingering thought in my head. What was the earth like? what does the sand feel like in my toes, the dirt in my fingers. Everything in the sky was artificial, it all looked precisely like the real thing. Flowers, trees, everything you could think of, but it all just faded for me. As I reaslized that I had been thinking about it for all this time, the lights were being shutoff, computers being shut down, and people returning th their respective families. I slowly got up, and found his weay the the door. When I returned to my Lightcar, and lifted off towards home I saw the earth below the thick white clouds. I made a rash decision then, that I was going down there to see what it was like. Ever since I was born, my parents told the story of the disaster. The story was that America and Russia had been threatening nuclear war, but as the new president was inagurated, the Russians saw a weakspot. They launched their warheads on November, 12, 2025. That was a new kind of D-day to the US. The following day, the US launched theirs. THe radiation was so strong that people were starting to mutate, thus creating the reason for leaving the ground. The US government had a few prototypes under lockdown, just for situations like this. They told anyone who wasn't mutated to get on the ship, nicknamed "CountryAir". The prototype seemed to have everything that a person could ask for, houses, food, and Lightcars (On a sidenote, Lightcars are the equivalent to flying cars) once in the air, and permitted with these light cars, the governent took a role count of how many people made it out of there. Only 200 million people out of 338 million made it out alive. They opened schools for the children and jobs for the adults. That brings this story to now. As I hurtled my Light car towards the earth I heard police sirens. The officer sped his Lightbike up to my side. He connected his radio to mine, and through the wind I heard "Go back now!" He motioned towards CountryAir. I shook my head and kept on track, I assume that he just gave up because he stopped and went back into the clouds. The earth was hurtling towards me at an alarming rate so I slowed my Lightcar. Once I touched down in the soft dirt, I heard a tremendous roar and I swung around to see a 13 foot giant scaled man-reptile hurtling towards me.


                                                     To be continued.

Created: Mar 15, 2012


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