The REGULARITY #63 (03/15/12)

By The Regularity


ANIMATORS / MUSICIANS: We are ready to animate Jelly Babies into a short film. It's gonna be a kick ass satire taking place on the sugary shores of Jellyland. Now let's bring all of the collaboration's awesome illustrations to life! Musicians, we need your instruments added to megancarnes' score. I love how it's sounding but we need to make it grander with more piano, brass, flutes, and strings!

SINGERS / RAPPERS / VOCALISTS: Your contributions to our track with the legendary Dan the Automator are great! But we isolated vocals like this uploaded so we can remix your audio. I really like JackMorrison's "The Links" and I think that layering harmonies over the beat is a great direction to go in. This is gonna sound dope when we print it to vinyl!

MEET OUR NEW RESIDENT CURATORS: Exciting news!  We have assembled a team of 8 Resident Curators from the hitRECord community to assist in featuring records. Each of the Resident Curators is not only a great artist in their own right but their recommendations have helped draw all of us toward records that the production company can use. I'm thrilled to have them on board!

Thanks Again!





FCP by Dr. Gory

The REGULARITY #63 (03/15/12)

Created: Mar 15, 2012


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