A Manifesto

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My generation knows its future is hopeless. This week we received our first exam results. Many were indifferent to E’s and U’s, knowing that whatever grade they got they’d struggle to find work after leaving education. We live in a country that is one of the most developed in the world – that is to say, we are now solely consumers, not producers. An existence in which you create nothing will never be satisfactory for anyone. All professions have been corrupted. There is no job going in this country that will truly satisfy.

Others kidded themselves, cried at their bad grades. Dreams of doctors and dentists were crushed. Maybe 10% of us will achieve our goals, but what then? We become part of the system that has so well and truly fucked us over. You may suggest it is capitalism that has failed us, but capitalism has worked perfectly. The super-rich have become totally untouchable, feudal kings at the top of our neo-medieval system. They have left us all behind – to paraphrase D.B.C. Pierre – capitalism is like a rocket: after takeoff, the lower stages of the rocket, the working classes that propelled it into space, fall back to earth and the tiny nose of the rocket continues, untouchable, to its destination.

They seem to know our futures our hopeless. We are fed beautiful gadgets, iPhones, Blackberries, Beats by Dre to wear around our neck. As long as we are kept occupied in the acquisition of aesthetics it gives us the illusion of purpose. We all find ourselves willingly lost in this sea of material goods, and yet all of us know that nothing like this will ever bring us happiness. Most of us stay lost because it is the only purpose we will ever have.

Hopeless as it has been made for us, we are a generation that has the power to create art at will. The majority of us have instant access to cameras; laptops with stolen music or photo software; the entire history of music and art and literature literally at our fingertips, and available almost entirely for free. We must start creating now, because we have the potential to become a generation that is remembered as one of the greatest in history. Devoid of real purpose given to us by society, this is all we have. Either we act now, or our existences, which is all we will ever have, shall remain pointless and futile forever, and we will have wasted our lives. 

Created: Mar 15, 2012


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