Edgar and the Circus (xanlee challenge)

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Edgar was, without question, a rambunctious sort

Who arrived at the carnival in parental escort

In the bright circus lights of colors assort

The twelve year old boy made their rendezvous short


He slipped away slowly in the oddities tent

And free of his elders, towards the palmist he went

But the line was too long, to a serious extent

A line in its nature he could not circumvent


He meandered about, but what soon caught his eyes

Was the magical show of Sir Vallonise

For within the striped tent, he saw beauty arise

A girl, just his age, but to his surprise


She entered a coffin on the top of the stage

While Sir Vallonise donned a shotgun, 12 gauge

And with shotgun girl-aimed at the height of rib cage

He let loose the trigger, to cries of outrage


But just seconds later, our boy was elated

The girl left the coffin, undesecrated!

He ducked under a tent, his nervousness sated

And wooosh, in a blur, he was decapitated!


He’d entered the Great Hall of Mirrors, you see

And some previous kids had gone on a spree

And lifted some mirrors haphazardly

And one made poor Edgar a sad amputee


The story of course, does not end right here

For Edgar awoke, and he cried out in fear

His mind still ablaze from the unlucky sheer

But soon he calmed down, and the world became clear


Sir Vallonise stood there, right next to his bed

Their chat first began with “Don’t move your head.

You will not be lied to and won’t be mislead,

You see my dear boy, you are...well...dead.”


This news sent the boy into vivid distress

But into his room came a bright purple dress

And inside the clothing was, well, can you guess?

The beauty whose gun trick was such a success


“You saw the show earlier” she said with a smile

“You know, we’re all dead; that trick had no guile!”

And as all of the evidence started to pile

He began to accept his new dead lifestyle

Created: Mar 15, 2012


christopher.harn Document Media