Hearing The News [Dialogue Tale]

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She did.


She couldn't.


She did.


All of it?




Then what.


The last. 


The last?


He thought he'd get away. Caught him, broad daylight. Hand in the honeypot. 


I never liked him, but this...


I know.


She got it?


Twenty three officers. He's shot to ribbons. Blood on the street. Madison avenue, right in front of the park.




Madison square.




He fucked up.


But she got it?


The last. One bag she says.


One bag.


Yeah but it was full.




He fucked up.


Do they know one's missing?


One what? You mean her or the bag?


Of course.


I hope not.


Ribbons, Jesus.


They probably thought it was suicide, provocation. No one fucks up that bad. The middle of the street.


But the bag. They gotta know.


You'd think. They still need to count it.


And she?


Don't know.


How'd you hear?


Every channel. How'd you not?


I work. Everyday I work.


On the channel, it's him. The stock photo, it's one I took forcrying.... Last christmas, they cropped your brother. See.


How'd they get it?


I don't know.


Turn it up.


-disturbing scene today as an attempted robbery in midtown turns violent police officers shooting the suspect in broad daylight, 19 year old Jacob Lutenski died on the scene a after -


Why'd you do that?


I don't want to hear it. To watch the news about someone you know, I had enough when the towers.


So you just want to ignore? I'm turning it back on.


Not now. How'd you talk to her?


She called, payphone. At least I hope it was a payphone. She's safe. Ducked into the subway, bag in hand. Caught a crosstown express.


Does she know about him?


By now she must.


Is this our fault?


No. We raised her right. She'll be fine. She's resourceful.


But we, I don't know. I don't know.  We could have planned it better.


He fucked it up, not you. You did right. It happens. At least it was him and not her.


I never liked him, but, still. Ribbons.


Better he can't talk.


I know, honey. Still...

Created: Mar 15, 2012


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