Where The Blue Woods Part (Finished Challenge)

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This is my finished challenge for WHW's adorable illustration, Where The Blue Woods Part. WHW, I hope you enjoy <3


With a humble start

I left my heart

to go where the Blue Woods part,


As I walked through the snow

Unsure of where to go

I looked for spring's first start,


But nature's green was hidden

In those woods so forbidden

As I searched for just one sign of life


All the branches were bare

And I was soon in despair

Til in the distance I heard a sweet fife,


As I followed the sound

My eyes looked all around

And there it was in the middle of the snow,


One green little stem

What a sweet, spring-sent gem,

Growing fast in the sun's warming glow,


And to my earthly sight

With most curious delight

Creatures came to admire spring's start,


Myself, rabbits and chipmunks,

Even hedgehogs, squirrels and skunks,

Sitting content Where The Blue Woods Part.




Created: Mar 14, 2012

Tags: creature, xan, spring, green, whw, poem, blue woods, xanlee, snow, story

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