The Poet Lies Bleeding

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I hate your language

hate your hate

your command

don't tell

us this is poetry

so what it's old

show us mold we'll show you

a universal cure

what are you good for?

and those letters at the back

of your name

what do they do?

but point out your uptight asinine


like a raw, red, branding

ironic A

unread letter day

a crying shame

a downright upstuck finger

of blame

what do they do

what have they done

for anyone lately?

yes I hate your language hate

your hate your

command don't tell


this is poetry

so what it sold

show me shit I'll show you

a solid fucking gold

-plated bestseller

what were you ever good for

besides secret-keeping

and simple-adulterating

and silence-sounding


when have you moved

a stone from that mouth

a thorn from that heart

a plank from that eye

what is your art without life

lying bleeding

its truth like a light rising

white as a healer

knife bright and brighter

as the poet lies quietly


his most central imitation of Martyrdom

Art, inspiring



as the poet lies dying

and the poem, his killer

pays witness

to our universal price

would you blacken your Name

for this

bargain infamy for glory

assemble lines to wage war

and call it holy?

Created: Mar 14, 2012


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