The Definition of Brave

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I was lonely too

You said you hoped I'd find someone

who treated me well

Maybe that was you? 


You brought me flowers 

on our first date

I thought your blue eyes 


even with all the ink on 

your face 


You seemed so nice 


I should have thought twice 




You started a fight

and raised your voice

I hadn't heard that in years

You called me names


Why did you think it 


to read MY emails 

and texts? 


I brushed it off

When I should have 

thrown you out


You said you were going to 

kill yourself 

I wish now I hadn't told 

I felt sorry

so I stayed 

after you lived


You threw a fist through 

a wall

It's still there 

An ugly reminder

of the day 

I almost got away





My birthday this month

I don't think I even spent it 

with my friends 

I used to every year

Cake and beer 


I hated you by now

I just didn't

know how

to get out 




You threw words

and fists 

like they meant


They meant daily


for me 


I cried so much

I kept you from my 


I hurt 

I didn't want them 

hurt too


I lost my first love

She was my other half 

She hated you

And now me too




My god 

What am I doing? 

Every day I ask myself 

that question 


Its better to belong to you

and hurt 

Then belong to no one 

and feel the lonely again 


Now they are both gone

Some of my family too

Everyone walked away 

The longer I stayed 




I hate your mouth 

And your pretty eyes now too

All you ever say are awful



All you ever see is how 

no one lets you 

get your way


Oh shit...

I can feel it moving 

in my belly 

next to the terror 

you put there too 


I did it on my own 

that day 

You cried

and yelled 

and threatened to hurt me

or yourself 


I didn't care anymore 


I said it finally 




She had a name 

I loved her 

I knew she was going to be 

MY girl 


The night I took care of her 

There was a ring around the moon

And for a brief moment 

I thought of you 


If you knew what 

I had to do 

to be rid of you 

for good 


You'd get rid of 

me too


But Jolene

She couldn't 

help it 

she never 

threw fists or words 

And now she never would 


Its ok Jolene

He would have hurt 

you too 

And maybe 

I wouldn't have been able to

protect you

Created: Mar 13, 2012


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