Without You

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Dubstep?  Yeah, let's go with that.  Its the first thing with actual vocals...but those just happened to work.  Wasn't planning on anything...hehe.


"I've been wanting to try and make some dubstep for quite sometime now.  Only problem was, as much as I enjoy super chaotic music like Skrillex (yes, he's good; no he isn't the best); it just is not my style.  This entire thing started out with that funky growly bass. After I made that, everything else was just a "I wonder if.." for few hours.  After I had a decent loop going, I started to see in my mind what I wanted it to be.  And, from them things just grew.   To the vocals: They are from a collection from Vengeance.  Unknown singer, which is why I cannot give credit where it is very much so obviously due.  Original Lyrics are from a track called "No Fear".  If anyone can tell me who is the original singer, I will definitely put up credits. However, this does not mean it's a remix.  The vocals were just something I found and that happened to fit.  Rather well, actually.  Really gave a better feel to song, as well. Inspired by my muse, to whom I owe much of my inspiration.  "

Created: Mar 13, 2012


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