Rabid Schnauzer's Challenge: The Moth

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The Little-known Signs of the Zodiac: 

The Moth (April 15- May2)

You get your best ideas at night, so when that light bulb goes off over your head, follow your instincts! Sure, the path ahead has many zigs and zags, and you do have a tendency to be flighty. But keep batting away at your challenges and you will be shocked by the results. Most compatible signs: stinkbugs, leeches. Worst: bats. Your lucky numbers are 3, 7, 13 and 25.


(Rabid Schnauzer)



Voila! Here you go, Rabid Schnauzer! I usually make it a point to record something each day but I skipped yesterday because I wanted to meet this challenge head-on. I hope you like it.

It was a great Photoshop exercise. Thank you for the challenge! :D

If you didn't get to read my note on my other record, I based the markings on the moth's body on your Portrait photo. It's upside down, though. (Cue in the craning of your neck. Hahaha. Or not.)

Created: Mar 13, 2012


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