The Boy That Ate the Moon - a little bedtime tale

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Once there was a mother with no child.  Every night she would speak a name out to the black sky.  She would ask the vastness for a child, healthy as a mountain, sweet as a pear and eager as a starling. 

When the son was born he was as healthy and tall as a mountain.  He was sweeter than the sweetest pear and more eager than a nest of baby starlings.  His name dropped as a gentle sigh from all tongues.

The boy was tall enough to reach the moon, but with the heart of a little boy.  In the way of all tiny boys, he was forever hungry.  And there was the moon, as toothsome as a tart with cream filling.  Like all small souls he thought to take a nibble.  No one would notice, the moon was so far away.

One nibble turned into several until the moon was gobbled up.  The people were understandably indignant. They went to the boy's mother with their complaints, "Your son is lovely and sweet, but look what he has done.  Without the moon the sky is so vast and unending.  How shall we find our way in the dark?"

And so the boy's mother thought for many days.  In a moment of cleverness she came up with a plan.  She would bake a large cake and have her son set it free in the sky.  The boy would nibble it away each month (to keep it from going stale she said, but really, to give her giant darling a treat). 

With a gentle toss the boy set the cake-moon on it's path, laughing, he followed it, tasting just a little.  Sometimes his mother would flavor it with pumpkin or lemon.  And like little boys everywhere (who shall not be named) crumbs spilled from his lips and scattered across the darkness of the sky.  The sky was no longer black, void and frightening. It was dappled and dotted with bright crumbs.. 

And so there is often a fresh, bright moon, just waiting to be chased across the sky.


Created: Mar 13, 2012


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