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So I was thinking today about a new character.  Essentially he can travel through time, but he has limitations.  He can only travel to the time at which an object he possesses was made.  So for example, if he has a painting that was painted in the 1800s, he can travel to that date and time.   If he was in contact with a telephone made in the 1980s, he could travel there.  The only caviot is that he cannot travel forward, unless he has an object that was created then.  Therefore, before he travels, he always makes something that he can time travel with that will give him the ability to return to his day and time.

The title Franklin came from a more narrow point of view that he could only travel through time using devices that had an electrical current.  He would be a decendent or Ben Franklin who might have been the first of his kind and he may be part of a heritage who has the resonsibility to protect time.  This is all I have so far, so have fun.

Created: Mar 13, 2012


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