Out Of Key

By deeasherself

"I think I'm drunk enough to drive you home now..."

You had to start singing that song, and I'm not even in the humor to laugh at your out-of-key attempt to impress me with some Ben Gibbard lyrics, as I usually am. Tonight is just a weird night. November 1st is one of those days of the year when I'm not in the humor for anything. I tried to stay in bed but Ella wanted me to watch a movie with her. How can you say no to your 3 year old daughter when she stares at you with her pretty green eyes? It's impossible. So I got up. You weren't dressed, but you were making tea. You put some cinnamon in it. That was a sweet gesture. I love tea with some cinnamon in it. Ella said she wanted to watch Big Fish. It reminds me of my father, I said. You smiled at me, that's all you did. We ate lunch with that friend of yours from high school. The one you used to have a band with. I don't even remember why you broke up, but you're still good friends. While we were there my cellphone rang a few times. I didn't pick up. I didn't want to. I just turned it off. Back home, everything was a mess. But none of us really did anything about it. We just watched another movie. It's almost midnight now. Ella is asleep in your arms. I'm half asleep. You're half awake. Kiss me, you demand. Kiss me like if this was our first kiss, you say, while you stare at me with those big green eyes, just like Ella's eyes. Kiss me like if you want me to make love to you.

Kiss me. Like if the world is ending tomorrow and this is the last chance you'll ever have to kiss me.

Note: written november 1st, 2008.

Out Of Key

Created: Apr 04, 2010


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