Humility Story Prologue

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There came next a soprano of beauty and grace,

Who had the look of an angel upon her face.

With a single breath she could summon an aria,

And its beauty made even the wind sigh, “Ahhh.”

Her voice was eloquent as it took flight,

Yet serene as the whisper of trees at night.

Her appearance was also beyond compare.

No one had ever seen a maiden so fair.

With flowing curls the color of gold.

Her eyes of sapphire, oh the secrets they told!

One could only guess what things she had seen,

And all of the places where she had been.

For her performances, she had traveled the world over.

They took her from Australia to the white cliffs of Dover.

Such wisdom she had, so elegant, so bright!

Like a candle’s glow on the darkest night.

She wished to share a lesson so true,

About what happens when your idol is YOU.

A tale of humility, she proceeded to share,

As the hum of her song filled the air.


Created: Mar 12, 2012


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