The painter should know his paint...

By gweninterrupted

i just wanted to add to Joe's thoughts on creating albums full of hitRECord RECords with intentions of making something with them- REmixing them- REinventing them into something new. A lot of you know that i have been collecting RECords into very specific albums to form the "hitRECord Library"- and i want to just let everyone know... i NEVER could have made that "Josephine's Dream" RECord this morning in the fashion i did if i hadn't been familiar with all 7 of those photos i ended up using to make my own image RECord out of them. This got me thinking, a painter should know his paint. He shouldn't stand at his blank canvas thinking, hmm... i could imagine having this color here and this color here... now i need to go find some colors to use- because chances are, inspiration may wilt by the time he realizes he has to go find some paint to create his new masterpiece with. i would like to encourage everyone to spend some time SEARCHING THROUGH the available RECords here on hitRECord, the same way you might walk through an art gallery admiring the the things you see around you. Let the works on this site inspire you, and let your creative muses speak to you. i promise you that if you do this, you will be more prepared to create when you hear inspiration singing to you. =) The RECords here on are here for us all to paint with. Know your paint, set your colors to memory. Much love. -gwenny-girl

The painter should know his paint...

Created: Apr 04, 2010


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