The Tale of the Shadow Catcher

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GabyVaughn challenged me to write something based on belcath1981's picture "Catching Shadows..." After thinking for awhile, I imagined it to be a sort of "ghost story" shadow kids told at sleepovers or "around the campfire."


Ever been scared when you've walked in the woods,

Convinced there's a horrible snatcher?

Shadowlettes, listen closely, gather 'round

Hear the tale of the Shadow Catcher.


Not long ago, and not too far away

Shadows thought that the forest was good.

A place to play, explore and have fun

They should have been wary of the woods.


One summer evening, some Noondays thought they’d

enjoy a nice stroll but they strayed.

Far from the path, they gasped when they saw

A sort-of a girl with long braids


She stretched out her net and started to run

The Noondays were no match for her rage

On four legs she was much quicker than them

And the Noondays ended up in her cage


Those poor little Noondays, just wanting some fun

were never heard from again.

Other Shadows have fallen prey to her grasp

She can show up, you never know when


Longrays, Midlights, Noondays, even the Gloam

None are safe from Catcher’s net

She hides out in the forest, quiet but quick

She’s never missed snatching prey yet


So next time you go out into the trees

If you hear sounds, remember, it’s true

That lurking out there with her horrible net

Is the Shadow Catcher coming for you!

Created: Mar 11, 2012


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