a childhood

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something we all long after
the sunny days, oh the laughter
everything was new, so exciting
not wanting to go to sleep
just stay up and maybe take a peek
what the toys were up to, were up to

imaginaton is everything
what would we be without it?
sometimes we might forget the thing
that made us get angry and hit
our favorite teddy, after we lost our invisible friend
when nothing went with the newest trend
when we were children, children of the world

what revenge we had in our minds
when we could see the evil signs
that the older peolpe used to hush us away
and ignore us so that we may
plot against them in excellent ways
wet their boring old papers so that they hang loose, put eggs in their shoes
the greatest of minds, we all had one once

the biggest loss of all
is not a person dying, not hitting the wall
but to have lost something, an era
an era of careless times and of a
childhood, the era of twinkling stars
lookin' after red cars, not caring about any scars
the most important thing was to move on
find something to do, play and so on

Created: Mar 10, 2012


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