Observations In The Rear-View

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Killing time

Murdering patience

I shot a minute in Reno just to watch it pass.

All signs point to neverending

Others advertise deodorants and stripclubs.


Cars lined up to wait

And people waiting to line up

I live in a world where up is left

And right is wrong.

Where you gotta kill to survive

And you’ve got a right to kill.

Life is strange in a mirror,

Shaping the world into whatever it pleases.


Buy your tickets for tomorrow,

But keep your receipt.

Live life to the minimum

So you don’t get hurt.


Use your pen to bleed it out,

And the paper to soak up the stains.

You don’t realize what you’re missing

Taking every minute as your next,

Every forever as the last.


Keep your eyes off the road

There’s nothing to see here.

Keep your eyes down,

But your nose up

You can’t show one once of fear.


I observe a world few get to see

Where Greenhouse Glasses

And Global Cooling

Have no rein here.


Where no one cares whether you live or die

As long as you consume

The moment

The minute

The hour

The life

As long as you kill time,

Patience runs away

And we all slip into a world where chaos makes sense

And life brings…

Created: Mar 09, 2012


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