Are you singing singins in the rain?

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" Dude, you look totally retarded doing that." " Doing what? " " Singing and dancing “Singing in the rain” " " Dude, that what you do, when you’re in the rain. " " No, you don’t, the only thing you do, it’s walking as faster as you can to your house and take a very delicious and hot bath. " " NOOOOOOOOO! " " What the hell was that? " " Darth Vader, dude. Darth Vader. But anyway, the coolest thing you can do in the rain is singing “Singing in the rain”. " " Shut up! Singing isn’t a cool thing to do in the rain. " " Come with me, let’s sing. " " No motherfucker, I won’t sing with you. " " I’m siiiingiing in the raaaiiin, juuust siiiinging in the rain,what glorious feeling, I’m happy agaaain… " " Can you please stop it? " " I’m laaaughing at clouds so daaaaark up above the suuun’s in my heeeaart and I’m reaaady for looooove… " " Stop it,right now! " " Let the stormy clooouds chaase everyone from the place com on with raaaain I have my smile on my face I waaaalk down the laneee… " " Shut the fuck up, dude. " " With a haaaapy refraaain just siiinging in the raaaain daaaancing in the raaaain I’m haaappy agaaain… " " OK I give up,dude. " " I’m singiiiing and dancing in the raaaaaain I’m daaaaaanciing and siiinging in the raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain. "

Created: Mar 09, 2012


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