Our Family Band Big Popcorn Party ( 2nd part)

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It occurred to me that we haven’t had a party in a long time. So I would like to throw us all a popcorn party, just for the fun of it. But this would not be just any ordinary popcorn party. This will be a huge pop corn party. The kernels we will use once grown into a full grown popcorn will be the size of a baby bear’s head.

Each family band member will get one popcorn each. Because if you’re eating popcorn the size of a baby bear’s head; one is plenty! We will have all the usual flavors: shoe flavored-popcorn, mouse-ear-butterscotch, burnt toast-flavored popcorn.

The ones the would go fast are everyone’s favorites. Shooting star flavored-popcorns, laughter is the best medicine coated caramel-popcorns, and oh…the now you’ve found your one true loves, are good too!

While some of us are eating, some will be supplying music; & some will be confused and strum on their popcorns like they’re instruments. So we’d all end up listening to popcorn music and start whistling and dancin’.

Some will discover dreams halfway through eating their alligator-flavored popcorn. He or she will leave the party early & hitch a ride with a stranger in search of lighting. This alligator-flavored popcorn eater will travel through dark terrains that never sees the sunny side of the rainbow; only its dark shadow. But in the end, he or she will be famous for catching their dreams in a fish net along with a tiny trout that is always smiling. Then, he or she will build a small wooden house with the best view of the lake and practice watermelon flute all day- their favorite family band’s instrument.

This stray family band member will happily reside in this house forever; & be remembered as the one and only family band member who left the party early in search of their dreams. He or she will have a giant popcorn named after him or her, and will be commemorated each year in this town with a name that only ends in -ville.

During the party there are those who will remember that they knew each other from way back when. Even though, they actually have never met. They will hug each other like old friends.

There are those who’d try to leave early; once they’ve realized that they are eating tear-flavored popcorns. This will make them feel very sad. But these are the lucky ones. Since they will get all the extra hugs. So even though they want to cry; they would stay in the party just for those wonderful hugs.

Don’t ask me how I know. But I have this strange feeling that RichieMillennium will get the car washed flavored- popcorn. This will make him smile a lot. Because those are his favorite.

And you know the best part? We’d all be wearing matching top hats and vests! And we’d all be throwing each other stories, like dimes & nickles in a wishing fountain. Each piece of a story one tells becomes another person's story. This way, nobody ever runs out of stories.

And just before everyone finishes their popcorn; they will realize, that now they are truly a part of a family. Since, when have you ever heard of someone throwing another someone a family band big popcorn party? & this crazy feeling of family band togetherness will remain with each person, long after their popcorn is gone.

After all, it's not everyday that somebody throws you the world’s most fantastic popcorn party.

Created: Apr 03, 2010


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