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I wrote a story about hans and his rooster, the incredible drawing done by Sojushots. If you haven't seen it or recommended it already, I suggest you do :) Here's my story, not exactly the way I planned it but this is how it came out. Hopefully it amuses someone.


Hans and his rooster are an inseparable pair,

They live on the wild side, though no one knows where,

They look rather rough but there's no cause for alarm,

This strange, little twosome will do you no harm,

So if you have time for an odd little story,

Here's the Tale of the Two, In all of it's glory:


Hans was born in the forest green,

But grew to find his life routine,

So he packed his clothes in a moleskin sack,

And placed his belongings upon his back,

He walked for what he thought was miles,

Past rivers, ferns and autumn leaf piles,

Til the pain of walking he could no longer master,

So he stopped to rest in a bright green pasture,

He pulled out his canteen and a blackberry,

Only to realize he was quite weary,

So he laid out a quilt and put on his night cap,

Then curled in a ball and went down for a nap,

When he woke up he found with surprise,

A big feathery body and two beady eyes,

He jumped up with fright and went on his way,

But the Rooster followed poor Hans all day,

Til, finally, Hans turned and stared real long,

Until he realized the Rooster would do no wrong,

So he decided they must be best friends,

but this isn't where the story ends


Hans climbed up on Rooster's back,

And pulled out his trusty almanac,

But the pair was not sure where to go,

Rooster walked for weeks amid the snow,

They never spoke, but they formed a bond,

Of the other, each was very fond,

And eventually they found city lights,

They did volunteer work and broke-up bar fights,

They made many friends and leased an apartment,

Hans was even Sheriff at the police department,

The town loved the two, they were quite elated,

But the people were also very fascinated,

At the sight of the hog and cock duo,

Why were they inseparable, they wanted to know,

So one day the people went down to the station,

And they asked Hans and Cock for some clarification,

Hans told them "I'll never leave rooster's side,

It might be nice sometimes, but I can't, I've tried,

I guess we just fit like two peas in a pod."

All the townspeople showed agreement with a nod,

But one little fellow was not fully convinced,

So he reached up to Hans and he pulled and he winced,

He tried and he tried with all of his might,

He kept on trying, 'til he knew Hans was right,

The people just stared at the two stuck together,

The strangest of pairs, two birds of a feather,

Til Hans and his Rooster felt they did't fit in,

They packed up their clothes, food, badges and gin,

They rode towards the wild, to live life, just the two,

They didn't like all of the attention they drew,

They knew they were different, but like Hans said,

Hans and his Rooster will be attached 'til their dead,

You see, you can pull, you can kick, you can scratch,

But Hans and his Rooster are actually attached.

Created: Mar 08, 2012

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