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Hello! I am Rebelle aka Christy Rose. I am kinda new to this sharing my art & writing thing... and have been challenging myself over the past month or so I have been on HitRECord. I try to come up with more eccentric and maybe different/"rebellious" ideas for art & writing. At least that is what I think my work can be described as. I have been submitting different styles as RECords to get a feel for what people like and don't like... which has been awesome bc it is helping push me in the right directions and to step it up a notch each time & I enjoy the feedback! I actually just got the newest photoshop & illustrator just three days ago so I have had fun playing around with my own drawings and remixing some records ... I am also starting to learn animation. And my next purchase will be an illustration tablet since I see a lot of people here do use those to make their work more awesome & professional looking. I need that!!! Right now all of my art is completely hand drawn. I love using chalk pastels & watercolors! I am up for the challenge of any writing, art, remixes and soon, animation! I would also love to see other people use my records!




Created: Mar 08, 2012


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