Amped Up

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  "I learned a new move."

  "Oh yea?"

  "Yes it's called Power Thrusting. See? It goes like this."

  "Looks like you're trying to hump someone."

  "Well it works for my hamstrings."

  "I shattered my pelvis once so I can't do things like that." 


  "Also once in the fourth grade I got tackled by three people

   during a game of freeze tag."


   "Then there was this other time that i tripped over a 

    grizzly rug."

   "A grizzly rug?"

   "Yea. A grizzly rug. You never saw a grizzly rug before?"

   "Can't say I have."

   "You never heard about those people who are obsessed with

   stuffing animals and keeping them all over their house?"

   "Oh right yea, those people."

   "Yea, well my cousin's friend's mother has stuff like that

    all over and I was invited to dinner there and tripped

    on the grizzly rug. I landed onto the table where all the food was. I broke 

    three ribs that day." 

   "Too bad you didn't break your jaw."






Created: Mar 08, 2012


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