Leila Bela and the haunted bell!

By Leila Bela

(Hey guys, Leila Bela here, I wrote and recorded this fairytale in verse really fast today because I was bored lol, it is only the first part, will write second half later. But it would be cool if a guy could do the genie's voice and someone could put images or video to this, the volume is a bit low so turn it up.)

Leila Bela and the haunted bell!

I once went for a walk into the woods
The trees all seemed to notice I was there
The leaves were all cloaked in emerald hoods
The butterflies did not seem to much care
They danced around as if I was invisible
The morning mist left dew drops in my hair
I knew being alone here wasn’t reasonable
But all my life I loved to take a dare
The road ahead led to the darker side
A trail they say that twists on into hell
I felt a sudden desperate need to hide
But then heard the chiming of a distant bell
So haunting and so beautiful a sound
That I forgot I was ever even scared
I hurried toward it feet barley touched the ground
Then out of nowhere two big black eyes glared
In my direction oh I came to a halt
But the eyes they traveled toward me on their own
I knew that this was all my own damn fault
I held my breath but out escaped a moan
A nose appeared between those charcoal eyes
A hat and cloak were visible now too
His heavy breathing covered up my cries
For help, and I did not know what to do
The head the nose the hat the cloak all circled
Around my head as I stood fully still
I felt my hair being touched, twisted and tangled
All up and down my spine I felt a chill
Then boney fingers touched and tingled my neck
I let out a scream but nothing could be heard
I thought inside my head oh how the heck
Did this thing paralyze me how absurd
its boney hands now grabbed me by the waist
its breath all hot and heavy on my back
it told me that it just needed a taste
Then licked my neck and everything went black
I heard a laugh it brought me back to life
He now was leaning back against a tree
In his right hand he held a silver knife
And his left hand he pointed right at me
U dared to walk this trail that leads to hell
But then u fainted over a little lick
U chased after the sound of a pretty bell
And now u stand here terrified and sick
Haha hoho hahaha u silly girl
Have u any idea how lucky have been
It really is no new tale to tell
U are now stuck somewhere in-between!
He talked in riddles rhymes and his thin lips
Moved all around his face to where they felt
My gaze went from his face onto his hips
For there he wore a shiny metal belt
It had a key hole and a chain attached
He said I am a genie and could belong to you
I felt a key inside my hand, it matched
The key hole in his belt so it was true
But first you must say something nice in French
If you want to be my master and I your slave
He sat and waited on an invisible bench
He must take me for a fool or for a knave
I thought, so I showed him just what I knew
Monsieur je pense que vous etes tres gentil
I blurted just to see what he would do
Merci beaucoup madame! (he said)
Je vous en prie! (I said)
u pass the test I now belong to u! (he said)
Your courage is what brought me to your life
Ur greed is what will be the end of u
He handed me the silver shiny knife
How many wishes do I get from thee
U get but one and two so that makes three
I thought to my own self then said I see
Can I wish anything I want to have or be
Just put me to the test he challenged on
I took a breath then blurted out one wish
I wish to have as many wishes as I want
The chain upon his belt now formed a leash
One end attached to him the other me
He bowed his head and slightly growled at me
Alright he said but if u ever loose that key
Then I no longer serve u but am free
I let him lead us back onto the trail
And then I saw a scary beast ahead
It had a huge head, fangs and a thorny tail
I asked the genie to turn him into a bed
And I lay upon him and took a nap til noon
I woke up hungry and asked for something to eat
After the feast, we turned the sun into the moon
And gave a snake some pretty snazzy feet
Now it was dark because the sun was gone
And stars all shined above our heads and glistened
I heard the bell it was that very one
I’d heard before so I now really listened
Lead me to it I demanded and he did
But all was black and dark I couldn’t see
The bell now sounded so haunting and morbid
The genie’s eyes now blinked and looked at me
To be continued…….

Leila Bela and the haunted bell!

Created: Apr 03, 2010


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