Thinking of Boredom and 2012

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"I was thinking of you last night," 

"Why would you wanna do that?" 

"It's a compliment; I thought you'd be happy?......besides I got bored."

"How is that supposed to be a compliment if you were bored?"

"Forget I said anything then, okay? Jeez."

"I have an idea, Tommy."

"What's that, Stace?"

"Let's be boring together."

Tommy holds his hand out. "It's a deal."

Stacey takes his hand and they stand up.

"So its 2012. We're still here. It's a miricle!" 

"Stacey, you really believe that bull shit?"

"Where do the stories come from then?"

"A philosopher who was bored."



"I'm serious. Did you know there's a tv show about people getting prepared for the end of the world?"

"There's a lot better things to do with one's life than hoarding crap from a dead man's philosophy, Stacey. Maybe they're bored whille doing so?"

Whatever you say, dear."

"No, really. Should I just find a lover, get married and have lots of sex and babies in worse case we do die out; OR should I just forget about  2012 and welcome 2013 and 2014, so on and so forth?"

"Women. One track minds. Anyway Stayce, whatever happened to being bored?"

"I donno. At least we're together."

Stacey and Tommy grin at each other until they self consciously take each other's hands.  



Created: Mar 07, 2012


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