black holes.

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I want to fix the hole inside you,

the sworls of fingerprints spinning deep,

those marks left on your heart

that evaporate before my eyes. 


After all,

we’re nothing more than genes inside of jeans,

faded indigo and faded black. 



how I wanted to go back

to those nights

that sapped all the color out of the scenes. 

Those jarring shadows alluded

to the emptiness that was to come,

that lingering sooty handprint

squeezing my chest

once the fire had gone out. 


It always gutters out,

doesn’t it? 

I can feel that radiation pulsing,

and maybe it’s the heat of your body

so close to mine that I can—

No, I can’t. 

I can’t do a thing about it. 


Gravity is sucking all the light out,

pulling me as close as possible to you

and I wish it would stop. 

Created: Mar 06, 2012


Kellysaloon Document Media