Through the Woods

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I was walking at night, taking a shortcut through the woods. I tried to use my cellphone for light, but the battery died. There were red eyes shining in the darkness, and I started to regret my choice of path. One pair of red eyes inched closer to me and emerged as a wolf, stalking closer and closer to me. I retreated along my shortcut, walking backwards, not letting the wolf out of my sight. I intended to take the longer way instead, down a well-lit and busy street. I was too late, as more and more of the red eyes became wolves, sniffing and closing in on me on all sides. I tried shouting and growling at them, but could only end up making a hissing noise. One of the wolves lunged at me and...

my husband woke me up because I had been making strange noises.

I'm always glad that I don't sleep alone.

Created: Mar 06, 2012


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