One Summer Day

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I was bored, and out of milk, so I decided to walk down to the corner store. It was a hot summers day, and the store was fairly busy with people buying cold drinks and ice cream, and just enjoying the air conditioning. The owner had the door propped open with a brick. We were all glad of the breeze when it blew in. It didn't last.

On that breeze floated tufts of tiny seeds. Someone next to me commented on their allergies, while another customer mentioned it was too early in the season for the trees to be pollinating. No one was much concerned about that, however, after the seeds landed on their skin.

The seeds crawled and burrowed inside the skin, and could be seen once they were inside, mining through the veins. People were screaming and swatting at the air and scratching at their arms and faces. I and a few others managed not to have any on us, so we pushed the people that did outside, then closed and locked the door. We scoured the store for any remains of the seeds and did our best to destroy them. Other than that we were not sure what to do. We had supplies to last for quite a while, and none of us strangers seem to have any family worth risking going back outside and potentially being exposed. We could survive, but that was not so much the issue. What are those seeds? Where did they come from? How far have they spread and what are they doing to our bodies?

A few days passed. We tried to keep occupied, playing cards and talking, but mostly we were looking out the windows. We didn't see anyone.

There were about eight of us, all single and living far from their families. We've all been getting to know each other better, to pass the time, except for one woman. She sits in the corner by herself, doesn't talk much to anyone. We thought she was just afraid, but then she started talking to herself, just mumbling to herself. Well, anyone could go crazy in this situation, that was the general consensus at first.

The woman has been getting louder, and she hasn't moved from her spot on the floor in days, not even to eat or pee. Whatever sympathy we felt for her before has disappeared now, replaced by annoyance and angry fear.

"We should just push her outside. I can't take her crazy talk anymore, and she's starting to smell," one man suggests. Some of the others object, claiming it would be too heartless and cruel, but everyone knows that they just don't want to risk opening the door. The argument continues for a few minutes, until it is interrupted by the woman herself.

"I won't fight them anymore!" she shouts, standing up. "I want to help our visitors." She starts removing her clothing, and we are too stunned to say or do anything. Under her breasts have grown six drooping, udder-like bulges, and under the skin of them it is plain to see the tiny creatures tunneling and burrowing. "They have been talking to me..." she continues, but no one can hear her anymore over their own shrieking.

"She's infected!"

"She's going to kill us all! We have to get rid of her!"

In all the commotion, we haven't noticed it has started to rain, and there is a man knocking at the big, glass doors. Without waiting for us to unlock it, he breaks it open and calmly walks inside. He sees the woman in the back and signals to others who have been waiting in a black van parked outside. They are dressed all in black, and they swarm around the woman. They shove her in a body bag, she doesn't struggle at all, and they take her out to their van. The first man, the leader we suppose, has white hair and glasses, and begins to speak.

"Disrobe, all of you. Now." We just stand and stare at him like frightened sheep. "They prefer to hide in the genitals. You must be tested. Now, take off your clothes," he orders again. This time we obey. We are still afraid, but we have been waiting for someone to tell us what to do, what has been going on.

He lines us up, naked, in a row, and takes out what looks to be a pen-size laser pointer. As he moves the laser over our bodies a holographic screen appears above the pointer. He scrutinizes the image on the screen carefully. For the first six of us the screen shows just a snowy grey image, and we are allowed to get dressed. The last of us, a man, is not so lucky. To the eyes there is nothing abnormal about him, but as the laser scans his testicles a different image appears. At first they appear as flitting little specks, but as the image sharpens the shape of the creatures become clear. They are fairies.

I have only a moment to contemplate this fact. Were we frightened unnecessarily? What harm have they really done? The moment passes, though, as the man presses another button on the side of his pointer and the laser dissolves the fairies. Well, that is that then.

Created: Mar 06, 2012


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