Dangerous Work

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Mining is dangerous work, especially when it's an abandoned mine. Times were tough for everyone though, and it's hard to turn down an job offer when they're willing to hire both me and my girlfriend with double what anyone else is paying. It was because of the money that we ignored the rumors that the mine was abandoned after all the previous workers disappeared. It was because of the money that we would never see our family or friends ever again.

There was only one mine shaft, which should have had an elevator, and that shaft lead down to all the levels below it. We had to rappel down the empty shaft to each level, clear the level to make sure it was safe, then lower ourselves down to the next level. The official story of the company that hired us was that they were investigating what the mine was previously used for, and if it could be made operational again. We had our suspicions about the whole operation after we had cleared the first three levels and found no evidence they had been mining for anything at all. Once we reached the fourth level, though, our suspicions about the company were the last thing on our minds.

The thing was waiting for us as soon as we set foot on the fourth level. It was at least seven feet tall, and looked like a man made out of mud. There were empty holes where the eyes should have been. It had no mouth. The walls were filled with trophy shelves, and each shelf held human feet that have been severed at the arch.

The thing grabs my girlfriends and I know that he is going to chop off half of her feet. I hear her screaming and I know I should try to stop it. I should tell it to take me instead.

I am a coward.

It doesn't kill her. It just chops off half of each foot then leaves her in the corner to die. Eventually, her screaming becomes a horrible keening noise, then a soft moaning, and then nothing.

The thing never hurts me, although at first I am very afraid that it might. Instead, it brings me food and takes care of me. After a time, I even grow fond of the thing, although it never provides any sort of emotion or companionship.

I spend my days waiting for someone to come save me. Someone must come, they have to, or they won't be able to clear the next level.

Why doesn't anyone come for me?

Created: Mar 06, 2012


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