A Brisk Stroll

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  "This is so relaxing."

  "Yea I'm really glad we did this."

  "It's nice to just get out."

  "I love the feel of sand in between my toes."

  "Me too but I think I stepped on a jagged shell before."

  "Well don't worry we'll only walk a bit further and start coming back."

  "K. But my foot is.."

  "What is that man doing over there?"

  "He's jogging."

  "No I mean, is he wearing a speedo?"

  "Yea I guess."

  "It almost looks like.."

  "Like what?"

  "I think I can see.."

  "What? What is it?"

  "I can see his balls, I think."

  "Nah you're imagining things."

  "Hey look at all those people over there!"

  "Holy shit they're all.."

  "Told you I saw his balls!"








Created: Mar 06, 2012


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