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- Narrator: I was thinking the narrator should be a man, because the female character's voices are sweet, so a deep manly voice (*cough* Richie or Joe *cough*) would do the trick. Also because when I watched The Go Getter I liked when Mercer was listening to the tape of Carlson's story, and the man who was narrating it had a very deep voice... and it sounded soooooo cussing cooooool!

- Old Antoine: married to Mrs. Diana. Zooey and Michael's grandfather. Almost seventy years old. Quiet old man.

- Mrs. Diana: married to Old Antoine. Zooey and Michael's grandmother. Almost sixty-five years old. Has a sweet nostalgic voice. Likes to tell stories and read books aloud to Zooey. Very good cook.

- Zooey: seven and a half years old. (thanks to Zooey I realized that whenever there's a character in one of my stories that's a little girl, most of the time they're seven and a half, which is a reference to Alice).

- Michael: ten years old. As Zooey's older brother he feels responsible for her, so he's always protecting her and giving her advices.

- Uncle Marvin: swing musician. Died at sixty, when Old Antoine was ten years old. Michael turns ten the summer when Old Antoine tells him the story about Uncle Marvin as a birthday present, Zooey just happened to be there painting and she heard the story too.

- The Wooden House: at least a hundred years old, considering Uncle Marvin was born in it and his parents lived in it, and he died in it when he was sixty, also considering Old Antoine's age... yeah, it's about one hundred, maybe a little more. Completely made of wood, so the noises are very important for the story. I used to live in a wooden house when I was a kid, although it wasn't really scary, but it was fun to run around and feel the cracks or creaks of the floor and the doors and the stairs. The House itself is an important character of the story, as you'll find out in the next chapters... *puts hands on hips and laughs evily*

Created: Apr 02, 2010


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