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"I've been having the dream again."

"Oh, have you?"


"Is it the same as before?"

"Exactly the same."

"Tell me about it."

"You already know the details. I've told you dozens of times before."

"Tell me, anyway. I know it will help you to tell me the details. You would like to tell me, wouldn't you? It you do, I will put in a good word with the guards. They may even let you outside again. What has it been now? Three years? Three years since you saw the sky?"


"You'd like to see the outside again, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, but you keep asking me the same questions. I don't know what else you want me to say."

"The dream?"

"You know it begins the same ways. I wake up. I am wet. Soaked, like I have been hosed down with a fire hose."

"Go on."

"I am strapped to a wooden chair. I can't lift my arms and the chair is attached to the floor."

"And what about the floor? You say there is always something special about the floor."

"Yes. The floor is also made of wood. Planks. Like those rough planks you see in old cabins or in the movies? It is rough against my feet."

"But what else about the floor? What else is keeping you there?"

"I don't know. It is bright. A light. There is a bright light, somewhere above me. It is lighting the floor and I can see the wood is also wet. Along the edge of the light, I can see the floor stops. It is a circle. The floor is in a circle."

"Calm down. What is outside of the light."


"What do you mean nothing?"

"The circle of light ends where the floor ends. I turn my head around, trying to see behind me but the floor is just gone. The wood has been cut and the floor is a large circle around the chair."

"What is beyond the light? Can you see anything else?"

"No, I said already. I can't see anything beyond the light."

"Is that because it is dark?"

"No! There is just nothing. There just isn't anything there. I don't understand why. The floor is just gone."

"It is okay, Michael. You don't need to get upset about the dream but it is important to our work here and we would like to know more about the dream. Please, you know it is important that we know as much detail as you can provide. I will put in a good word for you and you may be outside within the week. Quite possibly two or three hours. A good word from me can go a long way."

"Beyond the edge of the floor. I can hear something."

"What does it sound like."


"Is it the water that made you wet?"

"I don't know. The floor, chair, and the clothes I am wearing are all soaked through. I suppose it could be the same water."

"What else can you see in your dream?"

"I see... an ocean."

"An ocean? Oh, this is new. Let me amend my notes for a moment. Do you know what ocean?"

"I don't know. It is just an ocean."

"You are on this platform above an ocean and it is dark. Is it night? Can you see stars?"

"No, it is completely dark outside the light. I can hear the ocean and, maybe, I can see some of the ocean. It is far below the floor."

"I want you to think, Michael. I want you to think about what you see in your dream. I need more details if we are going to accomplish something here."

"The platform starts to move."

"Are you moving in a particular direction?"

"No. It begins to tilt."

"Tilt? Oh, this is new. Keep going, I will keep up with my notes."

"It begins to tilt. Slowly at first and then a bit faster. I start to see more of the water below. It is far below me. I still can't get out of the chair. I am locked solid. I think I am going to fall."

"This is new. Thank you, Michael. Please, keep going."

"The platform is almost sideways now. I am hanging on to the arms of the chair and I am leaning backwards. I am almost down on the back of the chair. I can see up towards the light but I can't open my eyes for long. The light is terribly bright and it hurts my eyes. I then feel the platform start to flip over."

"Can you see anything holding up this platform? Is there anything to indicate you are suspended on cables? Anything like that?"

"I can't tell but I don't see anything holding up the floor. But I am upside down now. When I look down, I see a dark ocean. It is dark and there are things moving in it. I try to see what they are but I can't see much. Being upside down fills my head with blood and I start to wonder if I will die upside down. It is a stupid thought."

"Can you see the platform?"

"Yes. When I try to look up, I see light coming through the floor. Water is dripping off the floor. I can see the drops from the floor touching the ocean."

"What happens next? Can you see out into the dark? Are there any landmarks or buildings or anything that may tell us where you are?"

"I can't tell. The darkness just goes on. I see the ocean below but nothing else. Like I have told you a hundred times, it is dark."

"But you've never told me the details about the platform turning upside down before."

"I didn't want to."

"Why not? It seems like a significant detail."

"I didn't want the guards in my cell again."

"That was just a one-time thing. We had to make sure you were telling the truth, Michael.

"I was telling the truth. Always."

"I want to thank you, Michael. I believe this new information will help us greatly in our work. I think we will end the session for today. I must analyze this new data. II will have one of the guards take you back downstairs to your cell. I promise, I will put in a good word and see if I can arrange a visit to the outside."

Created: Mar 06, 2012


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