Uncle Marvin's Ghost

By deeasherself

For the summer season, like every year since she could walk and talk, little Zooey and her older brother Michael were invited to their grandparent's House. Old Antoine and Mrs. Diana lived in a big Wooden House, where steps and voices echoed in the darkness of the night.

The first seven days little Zooey and her older brother Michael spent there passed by quickly and unnoticed, and so it would've been with the rest of their summer if Old Antoine had never told them about Uncle Marvin's ghost.

Uncle Marvin was Old Antoine's uncle, and he lived in the very same Wooden House fifty years before Old Antoine was born. Uncle Marvin was a skilled swing musician, and when he and his bandmates got together at his House to play a few songs, they always invited their friends to come and dance. Uncle Marvin was a happy man, he had a beautiful wife and a well taken care of garden.

Uncle Marvin's story was just as normal as any other man's story in the town. He lived, loved and played swing with his friends, until that dreadful sunday...

This is just an idea to start the story, I'll write it as a story and then re-write it as a script, it's easier for me that way. But if any of you want to continue the story, since I still haven't really written what happened to Uncle Marvin in that dreadful sunday, go right ahead :) I'm going to upload a list with the characters too, and I also did a drawing of the Wooden House. I woke up inspired today. (A little late though because my asshole neighbour partied with a very big bunch of people and incredibly shitty music until 5am and I had to try to sleep with my headphones on and The Kooks playing until the battery died)

Uncle Marvin's Ghost

Created: Apr 02, 2010


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