7 Years Later, it must be destiny.

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Based on a true story.


- Met girl while she ran away from a drunk guy on the streets of Madrid

- Switched emails and hung out for a couple nights

- 2 days later she went to her country a and I went to my country (different continents)

- Somehow stayed in touched but both lived their separate lives

- 7 years later a relationship blossomed. 




7 Years:

When I feel the light upon me 
Ray of sunshine gliding through 
The air smells wonderfully blue 
I caress the darkest part of you.

Sometime I think of you 
Like a feather thinks of it's bird 
I am not blind, this is my call 
Scattered kisses in lipstick, my love.

I know that you told me to hold you 
But holding you is not enough 
You are so fragile, even when you're tough 
I will protect you.

Many years ago we found it 
like all good things, we awaited 
water pouring, chilly winters 
In the end, it was meant...


Created: Mar 06, 2012


jtperezgautreau Audio Media