Beach Things

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Sand slopes in soft waves to the tideline
where seaweed and shells cling
waiting for the sea to pull them away.
A half-finished castle, a castaway red shovel
A crushed Coke can, a broken glass bottle
These are the things we leave behind.

The showers trail lines of sand and dirt
down to the drains set in concrete
pooling with scattered shells that fell out of swimsuits.
A tiny hermit crab, a cup full of seashells and sand
A wet sandy towel, a picture of the sunset on the ocean
These are the things we take with us.

The night closes in with small stolen moments
as the sun kisses the ocean goodnight
in a sudden, lasting burst of salmon-pink and orange.
A white-capped wave, a sleeping bird
A floating palm frond, a darting school of fish
These are the things that stay the same.

Created: Mar 06, 2012


leerowan Document Media