Tiny Remix #1

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*For your consideration: I remixed these as four stand-alone parts that flow as one or can broken down further, if need be...let me know what you think; I'm easy.

[Note: Bracketed words are there for flow and comprehension; not necessarily meant for animation purposes.]


Once there was a tiny story who wished to grow up fast, but all she could think of was: "Once there was a tiny story..." Her story ended far too soon.

Ours begins:

Once there was a boy who wished to be a star. He drew himself wings and left for heaven.

He passed a shooting star as he flew and heard the star cry:

"No one ever asked what I'd wished fooooor!"


The boy flew and flew, but heaven was missing. Darkness whispered all around him:

Remember the Dragonfly who darted this way and that, angry and wishing he could breathe fire, like a real dragon?

"No, you made that up."

Or how about the Ladybug? He swears it's just a name, but no one ever listens.

"No, you made that up."

There was one Umbrella who didn't like the rain, because it made him cry. So he swam to Spain and became a parasol.

"Sometimes Darkness, you make funny things up for me."


"Sing me a lullaby," [said a nearby star.] "I'm surrounded by ghosts of all my parallel possibilities. They seem to be having more fun than me."

"But you're the real you," [the boy sang out], "aren't you?"

"I think so," [said the star], "but if you can keep a secret, the truth is I'm actually an agoraphobe."


The Great Kiwi performs stand-up all night for his starry insomniacs, ending his jokes with the same, old punchline. "...and that's why all the stars belong to me!"

Everyone laughs, especially him, when he tickles their funny bones with his magic powers.

But the boy laughed belatedly, immune. Hearing the boy, Darkness laughed too.

"The show is now over," [shouted The Great Kiwi], "please go home!"

Created: Apr 02, 2010


Jules Alder Document Media