Hetki - A Moment [v2] (A Tiny Animation)

By rawmotion


Here's version2, my 2nd attempt at this animation. I've changed the ending to better match the aesthetic of the rest of the animation.

Inspired by ppeppina's beautiful song "Hetki". As soon as I heard this song, I just had to make an animation for it.

Here are ppeppina's lyrics - in Finnish and in English

On elämä kummallista tosiaan - Life is very strange indeed

Täällä yksi yössä laulaa vaan - Here this one is just singing

Vaikka pitäis mennä nukkumaan - Even though it's time to sleep

Mut aika on huijari, pelkkä haamu - But time is a cheater, only a ghost

Tääl voi olla yö, mut tuol jossain on aamu - It might be a night here, but somewhere it's morning

Siellä heräilen parhaillaan - I'm just about to wake up there

Nää sävelet ilmassa soi yksinään - these melodies fly alone in the air

Ei niistä kiinnostu yksikään - and absolutely no one cares

Kuluvat sekunnit mua säestää - the passing seconds are accompaning me

Tää hetki on mun, jo nukkuvat muut - This moment is mine, others already sleep

Talo ja taivas ja piha ja puut - The house and the sky and the yard and the trees

En vois pyytää enempää - I couldn't ask for more

Mut hetken kestää hetki vaan - But a moment lasts only for a moment

Se on ohi ennen kuin huomaatkaan - It's gone before you know it


(1280 x 720 QT Movie)

*Note* The quality of the online streaming doesn't seem too great, but if you download the video you'll see it clearly in 720p :)

Hetki - A Moment [v2] (A Tiny Animation)

Created: Mar 05, 2012

Tags: moon, night, stars, sun, day, love, morning, moment, mystery, time

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