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RegularJOE and I had a good conversation about a companion piece for our LRRH short film. And guess what - it's gonna be a "hands on" record!

We want to create cut-out paper character puppets, plus clothing, props, & scenery for the Little Red Riding Hood world.

This is for print, so everything should be at high resolution at and scale.

Here's the format you should use: Set up a photoshop file that is 8" x 8" and 300 dpi. Turn the rulers on, and scale your artwork accordingly. Then upload a high-res, flattened JPG here.

If you want to include dotted cut-lines and a base, that'd be great — but it's not completely necessary at this stage yet.

The scale is 1" = 1' (so if a character should be 5.5 feet tall, you should make them 5.5 inches.

First we'll want to establish the main characters in 1-3 poses each, and then from there we'll want to make changes of clothes, props, and other scenery (e.g. trees, etc.)

Here's a reference of the format we're looking for:


Created: Mar 05, 2012


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