25 Weird Little Things...

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25 Odd and Random Little Factoids About Me...

1. I think about dying a lot, not the actual process of dying but the sadness in never experiencing amazing things again, like avocados and laptops and chocolate and kittens and conversations.

2. I somehow love living in Los Angeles even though I can barely afford it, don't have a car, I like a lot more rain than this city gives me, and the barely legal girls strutting down Hollywood and Vine yanking down their teeny tiny skirts and clomping around in their Louboutins trigger my vomit reflex. But I imagine moving and I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be. Except maybe Manhattan, but only if I were a bit more successful financially. New York is hell if you're barely scraping by. And rats freak me out. And roaches. Okay, never mind.

3. I make really weird noises or faces sometimes just to see if I can crack myself up. I can. Yes I am an only child. Yes I live alone.

4. I've fallen victim at times to the epidemic of your number of Facebook interactions contributing to your sense of self-worth.

5. I hate the words "pivot", "entrepreneur" and "smoothie" (even though I love to make them!)

6. I love the words "rogue", "cognac", and "dagger."

7. Depending on my mood, bananas are either an awesome breakfast (sliced with peanut butter on toast!) or the most gag-inducing food ever. What is this banana gagging phenomenon?

8. I've dyed my hair about 20 different colors in the last 10 years. I settled on red because people remembered me easier. I wanted a trademark. A "thing." Red hair is my thing, until people really get to know me.

9. The idea of getting married and having babies fills me with dread.

10. The idea of no marriage and kids leaving me time to write, play, perform, read, volunteer, and explore the world, fills me with peace.

11. When I'm in the bathroom I interview myself out loud like I'm on a late night talk show.

12. I live in one of the most exciting cities in the country yet spend most Saturday nights at home with my cats watching You Tube videos.

13. I am generally vegan, but I break for pizza or mac & cheese, especially when drinking.

14. I became obsessed with Buffy a few years ago and watched the entire 7 seasons in three months. Same with Lost.

15. I feel just as comfortable sipping wine and chatting about relationships with the ladies as I do downing cheap beer and frat boy humor with the guys, and often prefer the latter.

16. I am one of the small handful of people who does not own a car in Los Angeles. Yes, it's as big of a pain as you imagine. But I get to do cool stuff like read and listen to music and have actual conversations with other L.A. dwellers.

17. After all of the amazing films I've seen over my lifetime, my absolute favorite is still Labyrinth. David Bowie in tights, singing and dancing with a bunch of muppets and Jennifer Connelly? Yes please.

18. Cheesy teen/young adult TV shows and books are my guilty pleasure. I put on my rose colored glasses and remember fondly the days before rent and bills and relationships, completely forgetting all the rest of the horrible crap about being 16.

19. If I could collect anything it would be big fuzzy socks. I like cushioning my feet in soft, squishy things, and they're like $2 a pair, so why not?

20. I wish I could live, eat, sleep, and breathe music like my most successful musical friends. I need breaks to pursue my other interests. I'm not sure if that makes me well-rounded or less committed.

21. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a progressive hearing loss. I was able to have surgery to correct it, but it could get worse in the future. I wonder sometimes how my hearing will be in 20 years and if I'll be able to still play music. Then I ruminate on factoid #1 and don't worry about 20 years in the future.

22. When I was a kid I made a "friend" out of strapping a pillow to a rake, put a business suit on him and called him Rake Man. I slow danced with Rake Man. I wish I were joking.

23. I am constantly fighting against my night owl tendencies. I love the way the light hits early in the morning, and the only time I see it is when I've stayed up all night.

24. I have the ability to find a sense of joy even in my own sadness. Pain makes you feel alive.

25. If I could have just a few things on a deserted island it would be Nutella, my iPod & headphones, and David Bowie circa 1995. And a guitar, so we could sing fireside duets while spooning Nutella. Heaven.

Created: Mar 05, 2012

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