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Hi guys, these are my RE RECS for this Sunday: 03/04/12, There are a lot of fantastic contributions this week at HR, it was really hard just to choose some of them, but here you have my favorites of this week:

  1. Canopy Flowers by Lindzey42: This is a great remix, lindzey found the right resources and she creates this fantastic remix, I love the colors and how it seems like the flowers are in front of the picture and the tree and the sky as a background!

  2. Captive (paper) by sinnamin: Sin made fantastic creations with paper, this is one of my favorites but if you want to see more of her beautiful work you can go and check her shadow paper cuts album. Great job as always sin!

  3. Uninvited by AnneMarije: Anne is one of my favorite writers at HR, I love all her poems and writings and this is one of my favorites, it’s really well written, read this, I highly recommend Anne’s writings!

  4. Caterpillar by Rebelle: I love this, it’s very creative and lovely, and she made it with charcoal pencil and chalk pastels. These kinds of records are the ones that can be used as an inspiration for writers, animators and remixers to do new stuff!

  5. Club Umbra (REMIX) by adhgraphicdesign: Amber is doing a great job with her remixes and videos for the Shadows Collab, and she made this great remix of the shadows having fun at a club, I love what she did here, she add a lot of elements and turn this into a fun fun fun place for the shadows!

  6. DJ Gloam-E the Automator by Zkarlette: Another great remix for the shadows, I love what Zkarlette did here, she made this remix thinking of the Automator’s collage song, and I think that this could be very useful as an icon or a poster for this collab! Great Job Zkarlette!

  7. Dorothea Loathes goldfinches by sojushots: Another fantastic drawing made by sojushots, he is one of my favorite artists at HR right now and I think that all his work is fantastic; I hope that more people make remixes and animations of his drawings!

  8. Heart vs Mind by thedustdancestoo: This is a great example of a well done illustration for a Tiny Story, the choice of the colors, illustrations and backgrounds is just perfect, great job!  

  9. Crashing Remix Tiny Film by Valeob: Great video made by Valeob for the wirrow’s story Crashing, I love the movement and the flow of the video and the music is just perfect, great job Valeob!!

  10. Holes in Our Parachute Video by LilacAmy11: Amy made this great video – remix for the Automator’s collage song, she chose the perfect resources for this, the editing is great and this can be very useful for a final video or animation for this collab!

  11. I will Remember You (REMIX) by Emma Conner: I LOVE this remix, I think is just perfect, I love that this is in black and white, she made the perfect choice of pictures and illustrations and I think that this is begging for a tiny story!! Someone??

  12. If the noon shadow has wanted to see a dawn… by Azur Du Ciel: This is one of my favorite shadow’s remix ever, really, I think that Azur du ciel did a great job with this remix, It seems like this is a magical place where the shadows dwell, I love the sparkles and the use of the shadows and lights, great job!!!!

  13. New Mexico Sky #22 by saintmaker: Another great picture by saintmaker, I don’t know how he manages to capture these great landscapes, this one is outstanding, and I wish someday we can go to take some pictures together! ;o)

  14. Obscure by naivecrimson: I love this, it’s just beautiful, naivecrimson always make these amazing records, and this one is not the exception, I think that this one can be very useful for remixes and a tiny story maybe!

  15. RE RECZ… by belcath1981: dear belcath, your brain!!! Can I borrow this for a day or 2 please? Seriously, your records are fantastic and beautiful, that’s why you get featured like 4 or 5 times, and your records for the hitrecord logo and RE RECS albums are perfect!! :) Hugs dear and keep trying with the After E. hehehe

  16. Snowscape by Bloemday: Bloemy, you did a great job here, this looks magical and you did a great job with the slight addition of colors that you did, lovely as always!

  17. Tenebrae (boogie man) by pprescott: Another example of a great remix here, this time Paula chose the tenebrae (one of my favorite creations for the shadows collab) and made this great remix, I also love that it’s in black and white (I love B&W stuff), awesome job!

  18. The Escape by bellaarts: This is so sweet and very creative, I love to see these little shadows trying to escape, she chose the perfect elements for this remix, and I am sure that shadows were able to escape! :)

Music recommendations: North by Pamagotchi:  Pammy did it again, this song is just beautiful and I had to use this for my video of course & Hetki - A moment (Tiny Song) by ppeppina: I am in love with ppeppina’s voice, I am sure that I am not the only one, I can listen to her singing all day, in fact I am listening to her right now, Lovely song and magical voice dear!!!

Other records that I used for my video: Sparkly RE REC Bumper by Kavonne & Hitrecord Logo 1 by Gabyvaughan.


Created: Mar 03, 2012


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