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On the other day, another lackluster day
We were making up objects
From the pile of clouds again
The sky felt endless
Like there was something more
And more up there
With a speed
Faster than the blink of my eyes
The notions began to snare me
They struck me again
Thinking am I the only one alive
On this planet with all the fabrications
Along with the taradiddle
For which I don't really know
Are people real? Am I real?
Or I am just fooled by the fairy-tales from God

The dog-shaped cloud
Got me perplexed with the questionable aftermath
Where do we go from here
What is going to happen after this
I have heard stories but I prefer proofs
I have seen movies
I wonder
Do they have spies or satellites over there?
Over there as in heaven? Hell?
Or some other arrangement of alphabets
Which lead to an unrecognizable word?
Who knows?

If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind,
Don't worry, it happens to me too
And if you are reading this
Tell me, are you real?

Created: Mar 02, 2012

Tags: poem

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