It (Dialogue Tale)

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"So... Did you...?"

"... Did I what?"

"You know... IT?"

"No, I don't know it."

"No, I meant did you DO it?"

"Oh, yeah, I did."

"With her?"



"And what?"

"What was IT like?"

"What, do you mean IT?"

"I just told you what IT was!"

"No, I meant, you want to know what IT was like?"


"Well, it was the first time I had ever done it."

"Go on..."

"I was pretty nervous."

"Did you throw up?"

"No! What?"

"Well, you ususally throw up when you're nervous."

"... I did earlier that evening... But not during!"

"Whatever, keep going."

"IT was faster than I thought it would be..."

"Was she good?"

"Oh yeah, she was good."

"Did you have fun?"

"Yeah. I would definitely play Monopoly again."

Created: Mar 02, 2012


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