animating tiny stories

By wirrow

i left this as a remark somewhere but i'll make it a proper record..

i want to start animating some of the stories [i'll take into account the 'most hearted']
it would help me for the elements to be provided.
for instance, with the sugarcube/tea story.. id love to have a drawing of a sugarcube.. a drawing of cup of tea etc..
i could then animate a draft and upload it..
and people can suggest/make changes ..add music/soundfx/voiceover if they wish
and just see where it goes..?
i dont want to lay claim to any kind of style here so obviously feel free to make your own animations of ur fav stories.
and im also not saying the final products should all be animations.. i know some people like the 'making a book' idea which is also cool.. im just gona do this in the meantime:p
ok so also maybe tell me what stories you think we should work on? thanks:D

an awesome plan methinks! thats why they call me mr awesome. if you say wirrow backwards it says awesome.
two of the above statements are lies

animating tiny stories

Created: Mar 31, 2010


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