Hungry, Hopeless, & Traveling (RE: Dialogue Tales)

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".....anything helps."

"Hi, can I ask you a few questions?"

"Do you have a dollar that I can have?"

"For what?"

"Well I'm trying to catch a bus outta here and if I'm talking to you answering questions; well then I'm not getting out of here anytime soon."

"Let me check what I got..."

"I'll take the three dollars"

"I'll need that for the bus, myself. I'll give you a dollar though."


"How many of each animal did Moses bring on his Arc?"


"Wrong. It was actually Noah that had the Arc."

"Oh yeah I did know that actually. I wasn't prepared for a trick question."

"Yeah, we always get people on that one. Have you ever stolen anything?"

"Yes. All the time."

"Okay, Have you ever coveted something that didn't belong to you?"

"Oh yeah."

"Like what?"

"Right now, anyone with a bus ticket going north."

"That makes sense. Have you ever taken the lords name in vain?"

" Your god damn right I do."

"OKay, well if you were to have gotten caught stealing, and you were to stand in front of a judge and apologized for what you have done, would he let you off?"

"No..... and I have been caught stealing, it was cookies, and I guess at the time I thought I needed them."

"Did you need them?"

"No, I was on acid. I can't even eat on acid, it was stupid."

"Did you know that if you accepted the lord, Jesus Christ, as your personal savior. He will forgive and let you be free........ in heaven. What do you think about that?"

"That's why we have seperation of church and state. You can't just have murders say they're sorry and let them go unpunished."

"But why wouldn't you just accept the lord in your heart."

"Because I don't have faith in god. I have faith in humanity."

"But you can't trust humanity."

"Sure I can I have faith that I'll get enough money to get off the streets here tonight, you're giving me a dollar and you're human."

"But that's not people giving you money, it's God that is really giving you the money."

"Well it is written in a bible somewhere that god made man in his own image, though you are saying man isn't to be trusted."

"Well here take this, its not a real hundred dollar bill unfortunatly but I'm sure it'll help you on your travels."

"Thanks, but we agreed on a real dollar."

"Yes, here you go, and Good luck."

"You too."    



Created: Mar 01, 2012


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